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The Pasturage is in Montague, MI.

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Since 2018

Our Story

Julie Engel bought the farm (in a good way) in October of 2018 with joint financing from the Farm Service Agency and Iroquois Valley Farms.  She met her now-husband, Dan Lorenz, in March of 2019 in one of the most awkward scenarios she has ever experienced.  Next time you see her, ask her about it!  Dan is still on the fence about this whole farming thing.  Julie loves it!

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Chalk drawn piece of meat

Quality, Mouth- Watering Goodness

Our Mission

Save the world!  (Isn’t that everyone’s?  Oh… rose colored glasses, you say?)  Seriously, Julie is on a mission to sequester carbon by grazing animals.  So if you’re concerned about the climate crisis and wondering what to do, seek no further, you have found a pleasant peninsula on which to rest your despair!  All you have to do is buy 100% grass-fed ruminant meat or pastured pork or poultry.  I mean, we hope you buy our Certified Grassfed Lamb and/or our pastured pigs or poultry but if you’re not on our pleasant peninsula, we’ll allow you to procure good meat elsewhere.

Our Vision

Someday, we’re gonna take over the world instead of just save it.  Oh wait, did I say that out loud?  But seriously, we need a million more climate smart farms, so please do join the revolution in whatever way possible: buy pastured meat, go meatless on Monday, start a homestead, jump into farming… We’re here to help you!

Our Farm

… is but a drop in the ocean.  But so fun!  We have all sorts of projects going on.  We revel in the chaos of living systems.  We have sheep.  They’re rotated on pasture 2-4 times per day in the summer, and fed hay in the winter.  They’re Certified Grassfed and Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World.  Our pigs are rotated in a brushy area that is divided into thirteen paddocks.  They get moved once a week in the summer.  Our chickens and turkeys are in a portable shelter that we move once every four days or so depending on pasture quality and population density.  We make our own compost in an Aerated Static Pile and spread it on our fields.  Did you know!?  All of those practices sequester carbon at an alarming rate!  Do a happy dance!  Oh, and by the way, no, we don’t use any chemical fertilizers, sprays, or… other -izers that we don’t even know the name of or what it does because we don’t use it.  No, we don’t vaccinate our animals.  No, we don’t use feed with therapeutic antibiotics, GMO’s, or growth-inducing additives.  The grain we source for our pigs and poultry is from a local farm and is Certified Organic, which is always non-GMO, and free from all of the above, but since there seems to be confusion, I’ll state it again: Certified Organic is always non-GMO and free from antibiotics, chemical-izers, and hormones.

Our Process

Process implies a plan, and a plan implies some forethought, and to be honest, sometimes I feel the desire to laugh maniacally when people imply that somehow we should have control over this great, wild, complex ecosystem in which we thrive.  I think all day every day about the farm.  I plan my heart out.  And then I just go with the flow.  Well, ok, seriously, we are moving forward with a master plan, but unless you have a couple of hours to dive into the complexity, let’s just say all of our decisions are viewed through the lens of climate change.


“Five Stars!”

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